About Me

Welcome to my page.. If you're anything like me, you like to know a little bit about someone before you commit to working with them. So here I am!
I am a Momma and a Realtor
I became a mom to my handsome son that we adopted in 2014. 

I am now a mom of two, as we welcomed our daughter in 2018. 
Being a Mom is the MOST rewarding and the scariest thing at the same time. 
If you are a parent, I am sure you understand!
The first sleep over, first fall off of the couch or bed (mom of the year, right?) or the first christmas play (where every kid is singing and dancing off beat .. but they are SO proud), the first Mama, Dada. Though some days can be very trying and run your patience thin. They definitely bring a sense of joy and a love that you don't quite understand before life with kids. 

Realtor since 2015
I don't think of my "job" as a Job ... I never get tired of the homes that sometimes seem impossible to get to the closing table. Those challenges are what actually keep me so involved and loving what I do. 
My favorite part of being a Realtor is not only helping my buyers and sellers get to the closing table, but the relationshlips it brings to me. I cherish each and every one! 

My Ultimate goal is to listen to every desire, want, and need of my customers to ensure that I can help them attain their dreams.
 Your dreams are NEVER too big!

What is it that you desire in a home? 

-open floor plan for big family gatherings 

-big back yard for the kids and animals

-garage, storage 

-pool to relax in the summer time 

Take some time to really dig deep and see what you want in your dream home, browse through my page and check out what this market has to offer . 

Sincerly your Realtor,